Friday, November 27, 2009

Halladay for Pelfrey and Tejada? Do It.

In a post on this morning, Matt Cerrone wrote about the Mets chances of trading for Roy Halladay. According to Cerrone's sources the pieces the Mets would have to part with to get Halladay included Mike Pelfrey and up and coming minor leaguer Ruben Tejada.

I say, "where do I sign?"

Seriously. If that's a legitimate request and a realistic offer, I say do it and throw in Luis Castillo as a bonus.

Pelfrey was a guy that I thought had the potential to be a real stud for the Mets well into the future, but his lack of mental fortitude and total inconsistency over the last two seasons have made me think otherwise. Tejada is a potential All Star, but the key word is potential.

What surprised me the most was there was no mention of FMart, Flores or even Niese, but a Pelfrey/Tejada of Halladay deal should be a no-brainer as long as the Mets workout a contract extension to lock up Halladay for more than one year.

Now these rumors are here today and gone tomorrow, but this could be the best deal the Mets could make and set the team on the right track for 2010.

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bryan said...

what ever it takes, mets have to go get halladay. period.