Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Custom Mets Shirts

As Black Friday approaches and the dreaded holiday shopping season officially kicks into gear, I figured I would do a little shameless promotion of my new site, ThePrintmen.com. While Dave has been singlehandedly keeping our site alive with his typically witty posts, I have been hibernating in a cave thinking about the glory days of our futile, yet, beloved Mets franchise. Of course, Game 6 1986 is probably the greatest victory in Mets history, certainly the most improbable. But there was another Game 6 from that remarkable season and it is arguably the single best post season game ever played. So, in honor of those classic games, I have taken a stab at designing a couple of shirts that you may (or may not) like.

There’s also been a lot of talk over the years about whether the Mets should retire the numbers of Keith Hernandez and Mike Piazza. I am one of those fans who feel they absolutely should, and since this organization fails miserably when it comes to honoring their past, I decided to create shirts to honor their “retired” numbers.

To check out the shirts, go to


Brad said...

Officially shilled at Bugs & Cranks. Happy Thanksgiving, fellas.

Justin said...

I know his 2008 season was inspiring, but why do you want to retire Fernando Tatis's number?

just kidding. I love the 'stache, so glad he'll be back in the booth next season.

SINYMETS said...

I bought the MEX 17 baseball shirt How about doing a 7 shirt for Eddie Kranepool?

bryan said...

SINYMETS - you got it! I'll create one this weekend for Kranepool as well. Thanks!

dave said...

Justin- Fernando Tatis...that's hilarious. always thought it was a sin that he was allowed to wear that number.

brad- thanks for the shil!