Monday, November 23, 2009

Mets Are Going About This All Wrong...Again

Bill Madden wrote an article talking about how the Mets are focused on tier 2 free agents due to the amount of money they have available and trying to fill the needs.

This is just another chapter in the folly that is the Mets organization. Instead of focusing on creating a winning team for the future, they're focused on plugging holes to fit a budget.

Obviously, the team's budget plays a role, but it's the way they're going about their budget that's the problem. Bryan and I have talked about this before. The Mets both in the past and what seems like this offseason are paying too much for players that have limited roles. There's no reason to spend more than $1 million on a 5th starter, or even a 4th starter for that matter. Spend the money on the pivotal positions like a quality starting pitcher or a linchpin player in left field. Then fill the rest of the holes with the support players that you need.

To focus on tier 2 players is moronic. The focus should be on a quality #2 starter and a young talent at either first base of left field. Fill those spots first and use the majority of your budget to do so, then worry about filling the other voids.

Sure the Mets can afford a Jose Guillen in left field and a Joel Piniero, but does that really put us in a place that's better than where we already are?

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bryan said...

Typical Mets. Clueless.