Monday, November 9, 2009

Mets Predictions That Are Sure to be Wrong

And the hot stove is heating up. They still haven't finished cleaning up from the Yankees' victory parade and already players are signing, trade rumors are flying and Omar Minaya's Verizon bill has exceed 4 digits.

Carl Crawford is gone. Orlando Hudson appears to be attainable. Everybody wants Matt Holliday. And so the sick cycle carousel goes round and round.

When the dust settles the question on every Mets Lifer's mind is who will the Mets end up with? As I chip the rust off my crystal ball here's who I ultimately believe the Mets will sign this offseason:

  1. Jason Marquis - he's a solid pitcher who seems destined for Queens. A reasonably priced upgrade over every Mets pitcher not named Santana.
  2. Randy Wolf - the Mets will try and forget about the Oliver Perez contract by signing the guy they should have signed last season, which pretty much guarantees he'll have a horrible year.
  3. Benji Molina - Omar will surprise everyone by overpaying for the hefty backstop who can throw runners out. Omar will cite "defense up the middle" as the reason he crushed Omir Santos' dreams
  4. Matt Holliday- While we're on the topic of overpaying, Mets win the Matt Holliday sweepstakes and throw Oliver Perez-like dollars at the flavor of the month
 Do I want the Mets to sign all these guys? No. There's a guy named Roy Halladay missing from this list and I'm not convince Matt Holliday is the power bat to help solve the Mets problems.

I'd like to see the Mets go after Orlando Hudson (another guy they should've signed last offseason) and add another solid reliever, like a Chad Bradford.

But this is all speculation for now. The hopes and dreams of a better 2010 rest in the Wilpon's checkbook and the mind of Minaya. Oy, vey.

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