Thursday, November 5, 2009

One Torture is Over and the Other is About to Begin

The Yankees are your World Series champs. (yawn)

What does that mean? It means the Yanks finally accomplished what they were expected to do for the last 9 years: win the World Series.

For Mets fans, the 2009 baseball season is finally over and along with it the torture of the lingering bad tasted that was the 2009 Mets. But now another torture begins: the unknown.

There are so many questions the Mets face this offseason that could make it just as torturous as July through September. Questions about Reyes, catcher, starting pitching, Pelfrey, free agents, trading for Halladay, Luis Castillo, Delgado, Murphy, Thole, Maine, Omar, Manuel, and on and on the list goes.

It is impossible for the Mets to solve every problem in the next 4 months, so curb your expectations now and just hope for a winning season in 2010.

While Mets management is talking about getting a bat for left field, I hope they don't lose sight of the real problem which is starting pitching. The chances of signing Lackey are slim because of his desire to play for Texas and there aren't too many free agent pitching options, but the focus needs to be on pitching first.

Would I like to sign Matt Holliday? Sure. Would I rather have a tier 1 pitcher? You betcha. The Mets made the right move last off season by signing K-Rod right away. That dealt with the number one problem in 2008.

Now you have to deal with the number one problem of 2009, inconsistent starting pitching. Then worry about the situation in left field.

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