Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year's Lowe?

The Mets offered Derek Lowe a 3-year, $36 million dolloar contract yesterday and are awaiting his acceptance of the offer. The market for Lowe has seriously, and surprisingly, dwindled of late leaving the Mets as pretty much the only contender for the right-handed starter.

Derek Lowe has been the guy I've wanted the Mets to sign. Would I have taken Sabathia? Probably, but after him, Lowe was the one free agent I thought the Mets needed to sign to improve their rotation. He's a much better option than Randy Wolf, and as much as I like Oliver Perez, Lowe is not a head case but a proven veteran who can eat up innings.

So happy new year, Mets Lifers, let's ring in 2009 with hopefully a signing of Derek Lowe. How long til pitchers and catchers report?


Brad said...

Why though? He's not worth that money -- not even close. I would have rather signed Brad Penny for $8 million and rolled the dice.

I don't get it with Lowe...If he signs, great. He'll be an improvement. But considering ANYONE would be an improvement, it's not saying much.

dave said...

We can't sign Brad Penny. He's one of the few pitchers that the Mets absolutely crush. We need Penny to get traded to the Phillies.

I think Lowe is a way better option than Randy Wolf and as soon as we sign Oliver Perez he's going to lose his mind and we'll never see him again.