Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Derek Lowe: Enemy of the State

Derek Lowe is officially on the enemy of the state list. The coveted right-handed pitcher has officially signed with the hated Atlanta Braves. The details are a 4-year deal worth $60 million dollars.

That's a bit more than I wanted the Mets to offer Lowe so Atlanta may have overpaid, but I hate the fact that we lost a guy we wanted to a dreaded rival. Which also begs the question what's worse, Lowe on the Braves or on the Phillies? Something to chew on.

I'm guessing the Mets will now focus all their attention on Oliver Perez who will have an advantage at the negotiation table as he and Scott Boras know the Mets will be a little more desperate to sign him than they were yesterday.

Losing Lowe isn't catastrophic by any means. He would have been a nice asset, but if the Mets can sign OP they should get similar production from him. They just might have to be for a shrink that they wouldn't have had to with Lowe.

If the Mets can sign Oliver Perez, the rotation would look like: Santana, Perez, Maine, Pelfrey and Redding. No worse than last year. No better, but not worse.

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bryan said...

Sign Ollie and make up for missing out on Lowe by dumping Castillo and signing O hudson - who has ben linked to Washington? Unless he's going to work for Obama, I'm guessing we can get him for $7M per, 3 years. Get it done Omar, otherwise, I'm only partically satisfied with this off season.