Monday, January 26, 2009

Jeff Kent Retired And I Don't Care

I don't know if there's another ex-Met who's success I disdain more than Jeff Kent. This past week, Jeff Kent announced his retirement with a tearful farewell and the media swooned by ushering in talks of his Hall of Fame greatness.

I hate Jeff Kent. Or should I say Jeff Can't because he never did anything as a Met.

Jeff Kent's time with the New York Mets was unmemorable. I think I hated Kent from the very beginning because he was the player the Mets traded David Cone for. There went our best pitcher for this young prospect who turned out to be a pain in the neck. While Kent's numbers with the Mets were decent, he seemed to fade away anytime there was a clutch moment on which he was called to perform.

Then there were the disputes in the clubhouse and the he appeared to be the second coming of Kevin McReynolds as he continued to isolate himself from the team. Kent didn't want to be in New York and every fan knew it.

So what happened? He gets traded away and becomes a hall of famer. Nice. If you look at his stats you'll notice a significant improvement in his power numbers after leaving the Mets. If there was one guy I was surprised to not see on the Mitchell Report, it's Jeff Kent. I could have sworn this guy was on steroids the way he performed after leaving the Mets. But no. It's all-natural Kent, just sticking it to Mets fan just like he did when he was here.

Jeff Kent's success is baffling to me. He showed no real pop in his bat while with the Mets and his power numbers were average at best. But now he is the all-time home run leader for second baseman and everyone's talking as if he's a future hall of famer.

Man, I hate Jeff Kent.

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