Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Omar Won't Negotiate

I think Omar's New Year's Resolution was to never let a Luis Castillo type deal happen again, and so he is taking a hard line with the negotiations with Derek Lowe.

Lowe wants a deal worth $16 million a year (don't we all?). Omar says no go. The Mets appear to not be budging on their initial deal of $13 million. Hey, I'm fine with a little hard negotiations although I do think if push comes to shove the Mets might bump that number up to $14 million.

Word is out that the Mets are still talking to Randy Wolf (yawn) and haven't given up on Oliver Perez. In my opinion, Randy Wolf is a last ditch option. I'd much rather have Lowe or Perez than Wolf. Oliver Perez has pitched plenty of big games for the Mets, but I have this nagging feeling that as soon as he gets a multi-year deal he's going to go off the deep end.

Experts believe that a deal will be hammered out this week by the Mets for one of these starting pitchers.

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