Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Results Show that Terry Collins Needs to Go

19 and 38. That's the Mets record in the second half of the 2012 baseball season. If their current ways continue, they will hold the record for the worst second half record of a team that was over .500 before the All Star break.

That's a .333 winning percentage. Only the 1983 Angels have a .333 record after the break when they were above .500 before it.

If you can somehow stomach watching a game, you can see this team is beyond pitiful. Anemic isn't even a word to describe the offense. Emaciated might be better but still not strong enough. To a man every single Mets player looks awful with runners in scoring position.

The pitching has been relatively decent, but the product on the field is far from even being average.Add all that up and it signals Terry Collins demise.

Here's a guy who prides himself on getting his team ready to play every game and that "never give up" attitude. Terry may still have that attitude, but his players aren't personifying it. If we look at the Terry Collins era, a second half collapse seems to be the common theme. Each of the last three years the Mets have turned early season surprise success into total meltdown come August. This year was just the most egregious demise.

You should blame the players. You should call out the coaching staff. No one is innocent on this team. They all should be shamed by the outcome, but when a ship continues to hit icebergs on every journey, you have to think that captain might not be in control.

I really like Terry Collins, but something tells me he's more an executive cheerleader than a guy who can get what's needed out of his team. Players like him. He likes players. He's a guy with solid character, but sometimes you need to sacrifice those nice things for quality results.

The Mets and their fans are at a point where we need to be focused on results. Leave emotions, niceties and loyalty at the door. W's are what we long for.

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