Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mets King of Hits: David Wright

David Wright has set the Mets record for career hits. His name is likely the most popular one in the Mets record books. He's the face of the franchise and now deservedly the icon of the record books.

Normally this type of feat would require much jubilation and celebration, but the perceptive Mets fan views this new achievement with trepidation.

Could the new batting king of the Mets record books be gone next year?

It's quite possible. The feelings of good tidings and great joy now will soon fade into contract negotiations and the memory of teams that never lived up to expectations.

Whether or not you like David Wright, there's no arguing he is the New York Mets. Just a Piazza, Hernandez, Strawberry & Gooden were icons of years past for nearly a decade David Wright is what most people associate with this team.

So in consecutive years could the Mets lose their two most identifiable players in Reyes and Wright? Yes. It's very possible.

Should they let that happen? I say no. An argument can be made that the money used to pay Wright could be used more efficiently elsewhere. The key word there is COULD. You know what you're going to get from Wright. A .300 average, 20+ HRs and 90+ RBI with an above average fielding 3B. Could a better and more affordable option be in the farm system or gotten through free agency? Sure, but Bobby Parnell COULD save 30 games next year. It's possible, but not probable.

If you look at the iconic Mets names I listed above, none of them spent their entire career with the Mets. In fact, none of them spent the majority of their career with the Mets. None of them retired as a Met. Should that mean something to a team struggling to even have a winning record? Yes.

Wright gives the Mets an icon. Something the crosstown team has had in spades. It gives us a player to call our own. It may not translate into an increase in W's, but no one player can.

If the Mets lose Wright, they will lose their identity. They should make every effort to avoid that, but the real question is will David Wright want to stay?

Can't say I'd blame him if he left, but it would set this team farther back than you think.

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