Monday, September 10, 2012

So Long Lex Luthor

Good riddance. There's a lot of talk about Larry Jones' farewell tour and the applause he's gotten on his rocking chair tour through the majors. The only reason I would be cheering is that I'd never have to see Larry Jones again.

I saw tweets yesterday and heard commentators talk about the Mets fans giving Jones a farewell applause. Why? Why on earth would we celebrate a man who did nothing but terrorize our team for the better part of 2 decades? Would Superman pay homage to Lex Luthor's death? Would Batman shed a tear for the Joker's demise? Was Zach Morris giving credit to AC Slater when Kelly Kapowski dumped him? No, no and definitely no.

Larry Jones is our arch-nemesis. Ding dong the witch is dead. This is a time to be jubilant. Not for respect. I honestly wanted the Mets to hit him in the back on his final at bat and then tip their cap to him as waltzed down to first base.

That's a farewell.

Freddie Freeman appears to be quickly filling in the shoes Larry is leaving behind so it looks like the Braves will have a Mets killer in training to annoy us for the next 20 years.

I will openly admit, Larry Jones is a hall of famer. He's one of the best baseball players I've seen in person. He's a competitor and a legend.

But don't let the door hit you on the way out Lex...I mean...Larry.

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