Saturday, April 30, 2011

Should It Be Wright Instead of Reyes?

One thing the Mets will not be lacking this season is talk of trading Jose Reyes. Well into July, Mets fans, bloggers, and rumor hounds alike will be speculating whether the Mets will trade their speedy shortstop for prospects or sign him to an extension.

Reyes is not making it easy as he's on a hitting tare and looks like the youthful, exuberant player we've missed the last three seasons. Reyes has been a fan favorite ever since he was brought up, but injuries and inconsistence at the plate have been his downfall.

But should we be talking about trading Reyes or should we talk about trading David Wright?

David Wright is my favorite current player on the Mets. I've had high hopes for him since he made his way up from the minors, but it might be time to part ways.

Wright is the definition of streaky. Currently he's batting in the .230's and goes through stretches where he either can't be kept off base or can't seem to connect with the ball at the plate. Wright will be a consistent 25 home run/100 RBI guy. He's young enough to be attractive to other teams, and he might just need a break from the Big Apple.

The losing seasons of the last few years has played more of a toll on David Wright than anyone else. He's been the one player that wasn't hurt for extended periods and found himself playing on a field of fools that was managed by a jester. Losing has eaten away at him and he misses the protection he had in the lineup back in 2006, 2007 & 2008 when he had his best years.

Wright is signed to a deal that last well beyond this year and Reyes is the one who needs to have an immediate decision made if the Mets are to get anything in return, but it's time to ask ourselves is Wright the right man for the Mets.

I don't want it to be so.

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