Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April Statistics the 2011 Mets Lead the League In

Here are just a few of the stats the 2011 Mets currently lead the league in:

  1. Blown leads
  2. Blown saves
  3. Times thrown out stealing home
  4. Times thrown out stealing 3rd base
  5. Attempted fan suicides
  6. Unwatchableness
  7. Starting rotation ERA
  8. Bullpen ERA
  9. Walking the lead off batter of an inning
  10. Despicably played games
  11. Despicably played innings
  12. Runners left in scoring position
  13. Failed sacrifice bunts
  14. Angry fan blog posts
  15. Hopelessness

1 comment:

RonM said...

That's all about right. I'm outta here until they get some winning ownership. 30 years is enough.

Citi Field was the last straw. Built the deadest park since 3 rivers.