Friday, April 22, 2011

Mets Version of Shock and Awe

You want shock? How about seeing Jason Bay actually playing a game for the Mets?

You want awe? How about a Mets starting pitcher lasting until the 7th inning?

You want shock? What about an offensive explosion leading to 9 runs in one game?

You want awe? How about seeing the bullpen not blow a lead?

Thursday night was the Mets version of shock and awe. Sure it came in desperation as the Mets spiral their way to obscurity before Easter even hops onto the calendar, but a 9 run output and solid starting pitching performance is something for any Mets fan to treasure. Because you don't know when you'll see it again.

When you look at the Mets lineup on paper with Jason Bay in the middle of it, it does make a difference. The output on the field is another story, but if Bay can stay healthy you should see that help Davis & Pagan as they'll be batting in more comfortable spots in the lineup with the backup support that they need.

The Astros are not a good baseball team so I can't put too much into the Mets finally winning a game. The DBacks come to town tonight and we'll see if last night was an apparition or if the Mets are finally going to play decent baseball.

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