Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mets Have Collapsitosis

Ever since 2007, the Mets have been plagued with a horribly daunting disease. It's called collapsitosis. The symptoms are fairly obvious. It's a repeated inability to hold, maintain or control a lead no matter how great or small.

While front office personnel, management and players have changed, the disease has remained constant. I've been looking for this stat all week, but have yet to find it. I want to see what the Mets record is the last 3 years when they have scored first. I'm willing to bet that they rank in the bottom 10 teams in all of baseball when it comes to their record when they have the lead first.

I'm not sure what can be done about collapsitosis. It's a disease that plagues the psyche as well as the body. No lead is safe until the Mets can figure out how to gain that killer instinct to win games. You can blame the BLOWpen (as I do), but the starting pitching, the lack of clutch hitting and horrendous support from the bench are all at fault.

When will it be fixed you ask? I've been asking the same thing since 2007.

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