Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Can the Mets Ever Have Enough Pitching?

The answer is no. It's impossible to have too much pitching. Ok, if you have 20 pitchers on your roster, that might be overkill, but for the most part pitching is like a good meal you never can get enough.

So while the Mets infatuate themselves with  the likes of Jason Bay and any catcher whose name ends in a vowel they're neglecting the most pivotal element of any successful team: starting pitching.

We have arguably the best pitcher in the game, but he's surrounded by Moe, Larry, Curly & Shem. Look at the Yankees that just won the World Series or the Cardinal team in 2006 or those great Braves teams in the 90's. Sure they had some decent bats in their lineup, but their success was contingent on solid, reliable pitching. Those are two adjectives that you will never hear to explain the Mets staff.

Pineiro is not the answer. Neither is Garland. While these guys might be an improvement, they're not the long term solution to the Mets problems. I'd rather see Daniel Murphy as our starting left fielder and have a solid #2 pitcher on the mound, than the Mets sign Bay/Holliday and be stuck with our existing staff.

I'd rather sign Carlos Delgado to a one-year contract and make Angel Pagan our everyday left fielder and have an upgrade to Perez or Pelfrey than get Benjie Molina and Adam LaRoche.

You can build a team around pitching. You can't build a team around a left fielder. If the Mets don't make a move in the next 45 days to improve their pitching, you can kiss the 2010 season goodbye.

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