Monday, December 8, 2008

Meet the K-Rod

The Mets had dinner in Vegas last night with Francisco Rodriguez. Details of the meeting are under lock and key, but the feeling is the Mets will make an offer to K-Rod this week.

Let the bargaining begin.

I still feel strongly that the Mets should sign K-Rod AND another closer. I think having a two-headed closer rotation would be a huge asset for the Mets. Whether they go get Fuentes, Hoffman, or Street, I don't care. Just give me to guys with a closer mentality to secure those 8th & 9th innings.

All I want for Christmas is a closer and the disposal of Luis Castillo. Please Santa, please.


Brad said...

New request: Jason Marquis. He can be had.

tm said...

They can do better than Marquis. He's Jon Garland with a few extra Ks. Why give up talent for a guy like that? If they're going to blow all that money on a closer they may as well go out and get a good starter (e.g., Lowe or Burnett, maybe Penny or Sheets). There's no sense in doing this half-assed.