Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Huge Improvement

The details need to be ironed out, but when all is said and done the Mets have reached a deal to sign Francisco Rodriguez as their new closer. The terms of the deal are evidently 3 years for $37 million.
The amazing thing is the Mets got the guy they wanted, at the price they wanted, and for the amount of years that they wanted. Wow. How things change in a matter of months. Remember when KRod was going to have a bidding war for him and the Mets were going to have to shell out whatever he demanded?

Omar got it done.

Whether you like this move or not, you cannot argue the fact that KRod is the best closer on the market. I guess you could argue otherwise, but the facts remain the same that he holds the record for most saves in a season, he's playoff tested (and approved), and he's just turning 27 years old in January.
A young, hard throwing, proven closer with a career ERA under 2.40 and 587 K's in 451 IP. What more could you ask for?

Ok, I could ask for more and I actually I'm going to right now, give the Rockies Heilman & Feliciano for Huston Street. Are these two guys really that valuable that we wouldn't ship them off in an instant? I'm done with Aaron Heilman experiment and right now the Mets have two lefty specialist in their pen with both Feliciano and Blowenweiss. Make the move and unload the dead weight.

The Mets need another arm or two in the bullpen and as our good friend from Bugs & Cranks, Brad Bortone, previously commented getting a guy like Jason Marquis for the rotation would be a nice addition.

But the important thing is we have a closer. That's step 1. Way to get it done before Christmas, Omar. Christmas came early.

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