Monday, January 28, 2008

The Waiting Game

This is it folks. The Waiting Game is officially in full swing.

It's Santana of bust for Omar Minaya this offseason. The Mets could potentially have the worst offseason adjustments in Major League Baseball or the best depending on what the Minnesota Twins do.

Omar has called off talks with Livan Hernandez and Kyle Lohse until Santana-gate is settled. The Twin have come out and said they want to make a decision in the next ten days. Ten days. That's an eternity for me. In 10 days the Twin can come back and say, "Sorry Omar, we want to sell out on opening day with Santana on the mound."

Or they can come back and accept the Mets offer while Mets nation finally exhales. The worst part about this is that if we don't get Johan Santana we will be getting Livan Hernandez. Omar has been coveting Livan for years and wants unite the Hernandez brothers.

Sounds like a great story except for the fact that Livan Hernandez is not very good anymore. Sure he'll give you a ton of innings, but it's not the type of arm the Mets need at this juncture.

So the fate of the '08 season potentially rests in the hands of the Minnesota Twins. It's a sad state but one that could work out for the best. But just might work out for the worst.

There's always the trading deadline.

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