Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Keith Hernandez Mention on Psych

It's just a Keith Hernandez day of posts.

I just got around to watching Friday's episode of the USA Network series Psych (which by the way is great filler for this strike-laden TV schedule) when they made a reference to Keith Hernandez.

It caught me by surprise since the show takes place in Santa Barbara and none of the characters are known Mets fans. But the show is known for its pop culture references so add this one to the list.

The reference to Hernandez takes place when the two main characters, Shawn & Gus, are looking at a family photo of this Spanish soap opera actor who's accused of murder. The dialog is as follows:

Shawn - Your brother ?
Actor - It’s my sister.
Gus - No, he means this person right here.
Actor - Yes, yes… it’s my sister.
Gus - No, he means this one, right here, where my finger is !
Actor - Yes, yes, it’s my sister !
Shawn - She’s quite lovely… in a young Keith Hernandez sorta way…

So Keith, your legend continues. For more on Psych on USA, click here.

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