Thursday, January 31, 2008

Johan Santana Can Swing the Bat Too

The Mets got Johan Santana for his pitching, but he likes to swing the bat almost as much as he loves to pitch. Ex-teammate, Torii Hunter, was even quoted as saying one of the reasons Santana wanted to come to the National League was to be able to get some cuts at the plate every 5th day.

Santana has had limited at bats since he's pitched in the American League for all these years but in his career he's a lifetime .258 hitter, which is very good for a pitcher.

Last year in only 7 at bats Santana had a slugging percentage over .700, and I distinctly remember him crushing a double down the line at Shea.

Most of the time we'll need Santana to learn how to bunt, but it's always nice to have a pitcher who can get you a hit every once in a while too.

Maybe Santana can give Mike Pelfrey some lessons.

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