Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who is Mets GM Candidate Dana Brown?

The buffet of GM's the Mets are interviewing is hard to keep up with. I'm not really on the pulse of the baseball GM market so often times I have to do a little research to find out exactly who these candidates are and what they stand for.

A recent name that popped up is Dana Brown. I started digging and discovered that Dana was a star centerfielder and leadoff hitter on Seton Hall's 45-10 1987 team that featured future hall of famer Craig Biggio, ex-Met Mo Vaughn, ex-Met Jon Valentin and NCAA MVP Marteese Robinson. Dana was drafted by Phillies in 1989 and made it to AA, but never any further.

He's got an eye for talent though. He was with Pirates when he drafted Chris Young. Most thought Young would play basketball out of Princeton, but Dana stuck with him and Young turned out to be a stellar pitcher before injuries plagued him these past few seasons.

Sandy Alderson may be the front runner for the job, but it's nice to see a local Jersey guy with roots in the area get a shot. I'm not a huge Alderson fan. Maybe the Mets will give Brown a closer look. I'm glad I did.