Friday, October 1, 2010

An Open Letter to Jeff Wilpon

Dear Mr. Wilpon,
I hope you've enjoyed your summer because most Mets fans have hated theirs. Much like the economy, the Mets are on the verge of a double dip recession. The team's unemployment numbers are expected to go up and those that are employed are performing at an unacceptable level.

But unlike the federal government, you can actually stop this recession. You have the ability to set the course of correction. One man. That's pretty impressive, but here's the part you won't like. It involves you backing away.

That's right Mr. Wilpon. Step away. It's the single hardest thing for any leader of an organization to do, and that's identify when they are not suited to perform and allow others to handle the duties for them. This is no easy task but it's not an impossible one. It just involves removing pride and putting the success of your organization above anything else.

The funny thing is it will probably make you more money. You see, Mr. Wilpon,  you're not a baseball guy. I know you like to think you are, and yes I realize you do own a baseball team. But that doesn't make you suited for involvement in baseball operations.

On Monday, I fully expect you to fire Omar Minaya and begin a process to find his replacement. I implore you to find a great baseball mind and let them direct this ship. You should absolutely hold them accountable and manage the overall direction of the "business" but you must let this person take the wheel to drive the Mets towards future success. You are probably an extremely intelligent individual, but even the smartest of men don't know everything.

Admit that you're not a baseball genius and find someone that is. I guarantee that it will increase your bottom line, improve company morale, and adjust fan's perception. I don't want to hear you on with Mike Francesa talking about the direction of the Mets. That's not your job. Your job is to find someone that you can trust with one of your greatest assets. They can do the talking and know they have to answer to you as their boss for the end product that is put on the field.

The test of a truly great leader is their ability to surround themselves with great people. Be the right kind of leader. Know your strengths and find others to manage your weaknesses.

Right now your most glaring one is the Mets.


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