Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Reader Reaction to Trading Beltran Would Be Stupid

I've had a few fellow Mets Lifers react to yesterday's post on Trading Beltran Would Be Stupid. Some disagree, but the majority of people are in agreement that Beltran is primed for a monster year.

One excellent point was made that I neglected to add to my argument for keeping Beltran. I got one email from a Mets fan that said:

However, one more wrinkle needs to be added to your argument of not trading Beltran. We all agree do not trade him in 2011– HOWEVER, the Mets absolutely cannot get suckered into another 4 year deal beginning in 2012. As soon as next year is over, let him hit the open market and become someone else’s problem. 
A typical Mets scenario would be the top brass to think he’s back because of a strong 2011 and reward him with a new deal. 
That is spot on. Typical Mets would see Beltran have a good year and then lock him up for 4 more. The Mets have to approach Beltran as a simple stop gap solution and then be ready to move on after the 2011 season. Anything else would just be stupid.