Thursday, September 16, 2010

Are You Watching Mets Baseball?

Last night I found myself watching more of the Mets game on my MLB phone app than on SNY. With the minor leaguers now in the majors and a Mets lineup that consists of Luca Duda, Luis Hernandez and regular intervals of Pat Misch, does anyone care to watch Mets baseball anymore?

Evidently no one wants to watch in person as attendance has plummeted faster than the economy. I talked to a few fellow Mets fans who all responded that they don't watch regularly, but rather flip to the game from time to time when nothing else is on.

That's what Mets baseball has become. Glorified channel surfing. For two straight Septembers, Mets baseball has become almost unwatchable. I want to take some joy in winning three straight games, but when it comes at the expense of the dismal Pirates I can't bring myself to wallow in team pride.

Last week the Mets had 3 batters in their starting lineup who were hitting below .200. That's Mets baseball.

Let the kids play out the year. See what we have potentially for future talent or trade bait. But don't expect me to watch religiously. Maybe a lack of eyeballs will affect the wallets of Mets brass enough to make a change.

Probably not though.