Saturday, September 4, 2010

Done with the Good Guys

Over the last few seasons, there's been a lot of talk about the Mets needs for good clubhouse guys. That an improvement in personality would have a positive impact in the locker room. Veteran leaders that could change the spirit of the Mets.

Well, I'm officially done with the good guys.

The Mets had Alex Cora, Rod Barajas, Jeff Francoeur and Chris Carter in their locker room this year. Guys who anyone around baseball will tell you are solid, character guys. They hustle. They lead. They give their all out there on the field. To which I say so what?

These good guys have had zero impact on improving the Mets from last year. Sure they've all had "streaks" where they've performed well (except for Cora), but their overall body of work is less than acceptable. You root for them because you like who they are, but if you're being honest you should despise their performance on the field. See that? You were just going to defend Chris Carter or Jeff Francoeur. Look at their stats. Look at their body of work? Would you honestly rather have them on your team or Manny Ramirez as a corner outfielder?

Bring me the derelicts of society. Bring me the cocky whiners with swagger who can bat .300 and hit 40 home runs. We're not building leaders of tomorrow or a list of Supreme Court nominees. We want a winning baseball team.

I understand the need for balance in a clubhouse and personalities can make life miserable for other players. But do you know what makes things better 9 times out of 10? Winning. Lots of winning makes all the other ticky tack arguments that Mets fans and media have been harping for the last 4 years. When you're not winning you focus on every minute detail to come up with a cause for your current plight.

When you're winning, the focus stays on the field for the most part. You forgive the shortcomings and dysfunctions for the greater prize that awaits you.

After 4 years of disappointment, I'm ready to root for the bad guys.