Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Things I Will Miss About the Mets Off Season

Spring training is almost over and Opening Day is just days away. I'm highly anticipating the start of another Mets season (for better or worse), but there are some things I will miss about the Mets off season.

  1. I'll miss the hopeful feeling that Luis Castillo might no longer be a Mets player, and that Orlando Hudson would be.
  2. I'll miss the medication prescribed for me to deal with last September.
  3. I'll miss reading a post practically every day talking about how the Mets need to sign Derek Lowe (mine included).
  4. I'll miss reading and hearing about steroids, A-Rod and the World Baseball Classic.
  5. I'll miss being able to turn on sports and not have a Sovereign Bank, New York Smoker's Quitline and Guiseppe Franco ad staring me in the face (they were replaced in the off season by the Snuggie).
  6. I'll miss not having to hear Wayne Hagin on the radio
  7. I'll miss the fun times I had counting money with Bernie Madoff.
  8. I'll miss the trade rumors that every person wants to believe will come true, but you know never will.
  9. I'll miss seeing my children (daddy's second job is about to start up; hey, we're in a recession here).
  10. I'll miss the false hope that Fernando Tatis can actually be a legit left fielder for two straight years.


bryan said...

hiliarious post....the snuggie! i'll miss watching Ulti-Met classics on SNY from games from last year in NON-HD! What's up with that? Why can't they re-broadcast games in HD like NFL network? Ridiculous. Video from Chris Chamblis' walk off homer in '76 looks better than these games...

dave said...

you're so right. why can't they rebroadcast in HD. Oh wait, maybe Bernie Madoff ran off with Wilpon's HD converter too

Anonymous said...

Watch Natsha Naked!