Friday, March 13, 2009

Mets Fans, Be Prepared for a Very Long Season

162 games is a long season. A season that stretches from April to September can be a tiresome road for any fan, but this 2009 season will be even longer for Mets fans and it has nothing to do with the hours, days or months.
It has everything to do with Philadelphia Phillies' fans.

Oh yes. Be prepared for a grueling road ahead. For the first time in decades, Philadelphia fans have something to boast about. Sure they were obnoxious before and have had plenty of opportunity to spew venom in our general direction, but never like this.

The difference is they're hate speak, boasting, bragging and general disdain for all things New York has a championship ring behind it. They have every right to say they're the best team in baseball. They have actual facts and statistics and box scores that they can shove in our faces to support their claims. And in turn, as Mets Lifers, we have the choking/collapse/implosion of not just last year, but also the year before that looms over us like the dark cloud that it is.

I write this so you can prepare your thick skin for the persecution that lies ahead. Case in point: This past week I looked at the calendar and updated my Facebook status to read "Dave is excited that opening day is less than a month away." A simple, innocent, baseball-loving status update.

But because of my work with the mentally ill and clinically insane, I do have some Facebook friends that are Phillies fans. And one wrote in reply: "You miss hearing the choking sound?"

And so it begins.

This may be the longest baseball season we've ever experienced, and honestly there's nothing we can do or say in return until the calendar turns to October 1 and we find ourselves in postseason play.


esovia said...

We're being martyred. Like Christ at the hand of the Romans (the Phillies). We must endure this crucifixion to emerge as the true messiahs of baseball. lol

bryan said...

Yeah but Philly fans will always be known as the dregs of society.