Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Does Anyone Care About the World Baseball Classic?

Who's psyched for the World Baseball Classic? It's such a great time where the world comes together to watch countries compete against each other on the baseball diamond, except for the fact that nobody cares.

Honestly, does anyone really care about the WBC except for those involved in organizing it? Are other countries holding rallies and giving people days off of work to watch the WBC like they sometimes do for the World Cup or Olympics? What is the point of this thing anyway?

In my opinion, I don't want any of the Mets players playing in the WBC, except maybe Luis Castillo who I could care less about at this point. Santana wants to pitch in the WBC? Forget it. David Wright? Don't think so. All this does is open up the potential for some star players to get injured and takeaway from getting ready in spring training.

Can you tell me who won the last WBC? I know it wasn't the USA, but that's about it. It's pointless and it's not exactly the World Cup or Olympics. Omar shouldn't let any of our marquee players go. Let the kids play. Let the college all stars have a crack at beating the rest of the world. The Mets players should be focused on avenging the disgrace that was last season instead of worrying about beating Korea in extra innings.

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bryan said...

couldn't agree more. especially on castillo.