Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Castillo's Mea Culpa

I like a guy who can admit it when he's a bum, and Luis Castillo surprised me today by doing just that. While speaking to reporters down in Port St. Luci, Castillo confessed that he contacted the Mets after the season and said "he felt badly" about his performance last season and that he was "embarassed."

My normal reaction would be "wow," buy hey he should be embarassed and I'm glad to see he knows that he stinks. Castillo went on to claim that he's lost over 17 pounds and that his knees feel the best they have in years.

It's no secret that we have been ragging on Castillo on this blog for the better part of the past year. Even after this admission of guilt, I still want the Mets to go out and grab Orlando Hudson for the bargain basement price of $4 million for one year, and yes that sound you hear is a dead horse being pummeled.

But with that said, a healthy and productive Luis Castillo is an asset to this lineup. The Castillo of the Marlins and Twins in years past is a good #2 player who plays adequately in the field. However, I'm not convinced that after this mea culpa that's the Luis Castillo we're going to see.

I hope Castillo surprises me and comes out a rejuvenated and sprite little second baseman. Mets Lifers know we need that becaues management appears to be ignoring our cries for Orlando Hudson.

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bryan said...

I pray he proves us wrong. Unlikely.