Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Most Hilarious Comment from a Philadelphia Commenter

The Mets Lifer blog posts get feed to another site, BleacherReport.com, which is another sports community site for people to read and comment on a whole slew of sports blogs.

I literally fell out of my chair laughing when an apparent Philadelphia Phillies fan made a comment on my post regarding Jimmy Rollins' Secret Crush on the Mets. Here's the comment that was made on that post:

"...why would Rollins want to be on an inferior team over the last two seasons? Frontrunners, he called Phils fans mid-season. What bigger frontrunners are there than the Mets fans?"

Did you catch that last statement? Doesn't it make you giggle? I mean come on. Frontrunners? Are you serious?

Obviously this person has no clue when it comes to what being a Mets fan is all about and the sufferring, disappointment, and tears that come along with choosing this path for your life. I could see calling some Yankee fans, Boston Red Sox fans, Patriot fans, Spurs fans as frontrunners, but Mets fans?

I still laugh every time I read it. Hope you get a chuckle from it too. Oh to be a frontrunner...

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