Monday, November 17, 2008

Is Bobby Jenks Worth Fernando Martinez?

Oh, the hot stove is heating up.

Today, Newsday had an article about the Mets interest in closers and cited that Omar Minaya is shying away from K-Rod and liking Bobby Jenks instead. Omar, you sly negotiator you. Is this a little ploy to get K-Rod's bid down to a more reasonable level?

I like Bobby Jenks and think he would be a worthwhile closer for the ballclub. The problem is Jenks requires a trade where K-Rod is a free agent. The word is that Jenks would cost a couple of young prospects, including Fernando Martinez.

So is Jenks worth giving up FMart? I don't think so.

With other options out there in free agency or that can be bought for less, I think the Mets are better off going for KRod or Fuentes in free agency than giving away FMart. Save him for when we need a really big deal, like trading for Matt Holliday in July 2009.

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tm said...

Fernando for Jenks? I'd pass, event though I think Jenks is probably a better bet than any of the free agent guys. If he's going to do a deal for Jenks, he should offer lesser prospects and offer to take on Vasquez's contract.

Looking at the free agent names the Mets have been linked to thus far (just about every pitcher plus Raul Ibanez), I'd say Omar's plan is for Fernando to be the leftfielder in 2010.

For 2009, if Omar can't move Castillo, Murphy will stay in left (possibly with a platoon partner) and he'll move to first in 2010 when Delgado goes. If Castillo goes, Murphy plays second and Omar signs Ibanez or some other second tier guy to play left until Fernando is ready. Either way, it sets them up to make a play for Holliday as a free agent after next year if Fernando doesn't pan out or they dump Church.