Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holliday is Still Attainable

I was shocked this past week when I heard about the Matt Holliday deal to the A's. The A's are in the middle of rebuilding their franchise, so it seemed odd to me that they would unload some of their young talent for a guy who won't be around for very long.

But that's the magic that is Billy Beane.

Beane knows that Holliday is the marqee piece of trade bait for the upcoming season. Come July 2009, every playoff team will be knocking on Beane's door to find out what Beane wants for this prized outfielder. In fact, I'm willing to bet that Beane already has the players in mind that he wants for Matt Holliday.

Do you honestly see the A's keeping Holliday long term? I don't. That's why the Mets still have a chance to get him. My thinking is that Beane would rather have FMart, Niese, and Daniel Murphy than the prospects he gave up to get Holliday.

I'm pleased that the Phillies didn't get Holliday. Can you imagine that lineup if they did? Talk about power, ouch.

So be prepared for some more Holliday talk floating around Citi Field well into the next season.

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