Monday, October 27, 2008

Please Don't Be Creative

I love when baseball teams use unique phrases to describe their approach to things as a way to dance around the issue. Case in point, according the New York Post the Mets are going to be "creative" in their approach in finding a new closer for next season.

Hmmm. Why creative? Why not be sensible? Or logical? Or determined? Why creative?

Creative is a code word for "we're not ready to commit to spending a boat load of money on K-Rod." Which is really unfortunate. The last thing we want the Mets to be is creative. Let's use some logic and get some solid players to fill our holes. The Mets were creative when they traded for Luis Castillo. You could argue the Mets were creative when they signed Moises Alou to yet another year even though the man hadn't played a full season in what feels like a decade.

Do we really want Brian Fuentes to be our closer? Does anyone seriously think Brian Fuentes is truly an improvement? Well, I guess anything is an improvement over our current bullpen situation, but it's not like Brian Fuentes is a lights out solid option.

Whether you want K-Rod (like I do) or not, I think we can both agree that we don't want the Mets to be creative in fixing their bullpen problems. Let's use some scientific method in our approach and get reliable arms who have a proven track record of getting the job done.

You want to be creative? Go be an art director.

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