Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Long, Deserved Headache Has Arrived

Guess what? Phillies won the World Series. Yes, the losingest franchise in all of sports has won the title. I caught the 9th inning last night and was just praying that Lidge would blow his first save in the World Series by giving up a 2-run home run and then immediately ball up into the fetal position on the mound as flashbacks of Albert Pujols rang through his head.

Didn't happen though.

As a Mets fan, can you even fathom a closer who doesn't blow a save the entire year? It's unfathomable. The crazy part is the Phillies only won the NL East by 2 games. The Mets blew 29 saves.

And so a long, deserved headache has arrived. We will now be subject to Philadelphia Phillie fans boasting about their team for another 365 days until a new champion is crowned. We will have to watch Shane Victorino and Jimmy Rollins puff out their chest and deem themselves as superior beings.

And you know what? They can.

The Phillies won games when they needed to. They never seem to get blown out and never seem to give up. Those are traits of a champion and things I'd like to see the Mets do more often.

So take an Advil, get some rest, and prepare for a long winter of Philly boasting. Omar is on the clock.

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