Wednesday, October 29, 2008

2009 Potential Lineup - As of October 29, 2008

As the hot stove starts to heat up, every so often we'll post the Mets Lifer proposed starting lineup for the 2009 season. It will be interesting to see how this lineup changes and evolves as the winter months drag on and trades are made.

But as of October 29, 2008, with the current roster the Mets have in place, here's the Mets Lifer proposed starting lineup:
  1. Reyes, SS - duh
  2. Murphy, 2B - He hits better than Castillo and Easley. He can cover as much ground as Castillo. He can take 2 strikes as well as Castillo. So why not start him?
  3. Wright, 3B - make sense
  4. Beltran, CF - I like him at cleanup, but I can easily be convinced that he should bat 2nd.
  5. Delgado, 1B - See if he starts off as slow as last year before you move him down
  6. Church, RF - If he stays healthy, I'd love to see if he can start off the season like he did last year
  7. Tatis, LF - Comeback player of the year deserves a chance to prove he's not a one-hit wonder
  8. Schneider, C - There'll be a lot of talk about improving at catcher this offseason. Um, wasn't that what Minaya convinced us he was doing when he traded for Schneider last year?


Brad said...

I don't see them starting the season making only one lineup change...

There should be a new face in left field, and possibly behind the plate if they can somehow work out a deal for Bengie Molina.

Also, don't be surprised to see Omar make a serious bid to get Prince Fielder.

dave said...

I agree that there'll be more changes coming.

I'm not crazy about Prince Fielder. I've got this nagging feeling that he's the 21st century of Mo Vaughn if he came to NY.