Friday, July 8, 2011

Clayton Kershaw is no Mike Pelfrey

It became fairly clear to me last night that the Dodgers young left, Clayton Kershaw, is no Mike Pelfrey. No, he isn't even close. I didn't see him lick his hand, lose his head or get off track at all in what was a stellar start.

Kershaw had me salivating at the thought of him in a Mets uniform. And even worse, he had me thinking this is what I thought Mike Pelfrey was going to be. At 23 years old, Kershaw is one of the best kept secrets in the National League. He's on an awful team and doesn't get the exposure that Lincecum or Cain got.

Mets fans once hoped that Pelfrey would be their version of a young stud pitcher. We're still waiting.

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