Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pagan to Bat 5th?

Mets haven't even played a game yet and I'm already annoyed. The Mets released their opening day lineup and it goes something like this: Reyes, Harris, Wright, Beltran, Pagan, Davis, Emaus, Thole, Pelfrey.

Which of these doesn't belong? You got it, Pagan batting 5th. The guy batted right around .300 last year, mainly as a #2 hitter. He doesn't have much power and it's not like Willie Harris' OBP is just unbelievable that there's no way you move him down in the order.

Just weird. Why? Reyes, Pagan, Wright, Beltran, Davis, Thole, Emaus, Harris to me is the smartest lineup for efficiency. But what do I know.

I had great plans for not being annoyed until after Game 2....

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