Monday, March 21, 2011

Mets Distractions Are Gone

It's a moment Mets fans have waited for what seems like eons. The Mets have now disposed of Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo. Yes, it will cost the Mets money. Yes, Castillo looked decent this spring. No, I don't care. I wanted them gone.

It's the first move that truly makes a statement about the direction of this team. No excuses. These guys have been a burden for Mets fans for several seasons, and we've been calling for their heads for months. Now, it finally happened.

What this does is it allows the organization and its fans to move on. You can't complain about them anymore. They can't be a distraction or take a spot in the lineup. It's time to move on...and complain about something else.

Their exit may have been long overdue, but it's hear now and that's all that you could have hoped for. Are the Mets better without them? That's still to be seen. Ok, they're definitely better without Perez, but it's time for the excuses to end and to let us see what this new management and this current lineup/rotation looks like.

Distractions begone. Let's play some baseball.

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