Thursday, October 1, 2009

Almost The Mets Worst September

What was the Mets record in September 2009? Wanna take a guess. It's 8-20. Eight wins. Twenty losses. Add that up and you have the worst team in baseball during the month of September, and this was the worst record the Mets have had in September since they went 7-19 in 2003.

A fellow Mets Lifer, Tom, had this to say when he brought this staggering stat to my attention:
8 and 20, dude. Including a last week sweep by the powerhouse Nationals. That’s miserable baseball – I don’t care how many injuries they have, the only explanation for that is the players on this team mailed it in once they were out of it and team management couldn’t motivate them. I was in Manuel’s corner last month. No more.

I couldn't agree with him more and this just reinforces my post from yesterday regard the Mets need to clean house with their coaching staff.

Getting swept by the Nationals is unacceptable at any point during the year, but just adds salt to the already gangrenous wound that is the 2009 Mets.

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