Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ex-Mets Can't Even Cheat Right

The Mitchell Report is causing everyone to forget Santa Clause and start referring to winter weather as the "cream and the clear." Ironically, no current Mets were implicated in the report, but as I reviewed the list of players I was amazed at the former Mets who were named.

Players like Matt Franco, Todd Pratt, Mo Vaughn, David Segui, Todd Hundely, and Paul Lo Duca were all named. However, something stands out. All of these guys really weren't any good. Sure Hundley hit 41 homer runs that one year so maybe the steroids helped out that one year, but you mean to tell me he used them for one career year and then stopped?

Look at Franco & Todd Pratt. They used 'roids and couldn't even break into the starting lineup. David Segui had a decent year for the Mets in the mid '90's but nothing that would make you want to keep him as a regular.

Also, I refuse to believe that Mo Vaughn did steroids as a Met. Have they found steroids to have a reverse effect on some players? Vaughn did hit the most montsrous home run I've ever seen at Shea Stadium, but the guy was barely able to swing the bat as a Met.

At least Guillermo Mota, who surprisingly was not in the Mitchell Report, proved that steroids could help, but these guys didn't even help out the team while cheating. That's disappointing.

The one name on the report that bothers me the most is Lenny Dykstra. I remember loving this guy as a kid and in little league making sure my jersey got dirty every game just like Dykstra. The unfortunate part is that Dykstra, as well as some other players in the Mitchell report, have been away from the game for years now, but are now having their reputations ruined. It doesn't excuse their behavior, and the effect this will have on their records is yet to be determined but it's just an unfortunate situation for them.

However, Dykstra is a very succesful financial guy so I'm sure he's going to make it through this without losing too much sleep.

One thing every Met fan can smile a little bit at is the situation this puts Roger Clemens in. Now doesn't Clemens throwing that sawed off bat at Piazza in the 2000 series look like 'roid rage?

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