Wednesday, July 25, 2012

History Has Me Questioning Faith in Mets Future

Right now it feels like the Mets will not win another game all season. It's an overreaction. I realize they play the Padres again so there's at least one or two wins waiting, but in the span of 10 days the 2012 season has become a complete wash.

On Twitter I see a number of Mets fans talking about "staying positive" and "not booing" and "believing" and they are perfectly within their right to think that way. But to me, that's being overly Pollyanish. As a Mets fan for life I've earned the right to question the team, to be disgusted with certain player's performances and even boo if I feel like it. There are no mid-year reviews or performance assessments in Major League Baseball. No pay cuts for bad performance. The fans are the ones who act as judge and jury. And right now most of the Mets are guilty of being awful.

I read this morning on about the plans for the future and how the front office has had their sights on 2014. This is all part of a master rebuilding plan. Well pardon me but I'm a doubting Thomas.

How many times over the last decade have we looked towards the future with promise? How many times have we been told a player is untouchable because in 3-4 years he will be the every day starter. Fernando Martinez. Lastings Milledge. Mike Pelfrey. Eddie Kunz. Just to name a few.

My grandfather had an old Portugese saying he like to remind us of. He would say, "Tomorrow, tomorrow.not today say all the lazy people." I'm not calling Sandy Alderson lazy, but I am saying that he's got a history of poor planning and scouting to contend with and it feels like we are sacrificing the present on the altar of the future.

And the future is not guaranteed.

So in the midst of a potential MVP season from David Wright and the rare opportunity to have a Cy Young winner in RA Dickey and even the potential for a playoff berth, the Mets have decided to not fill the holes in this team, even partially, to help make 2012 a winning season.

Yes, yes it's "early" in the season. You can tell me "they're only 6 back in the Wild Card" but let's be honest. This team is digging a hole that they are going to have to play .700 ball to crawl out of. And with no bullpen help, the insistence of playing a .180 average outfielder everyday, platooning a catcher who can't hit the broadside of a barn and 2 holes in the starting rotation make 2012 the year experts predicted it would be for the Mets.

Pandora's box was opened after the all star break. The last thing at the bottom of Pandora's box is hope. Apparently the Mets will wait until 2014 for that to come back.

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Henway said...

even 2014 is not a guarantee to be any better.

Zack Wheeler OR Matt harvey will be a solid #2-3 pitcher, but I bet only one of them will be a good, the other mediocre.

Mejia OR Familia will be a solid 8th inning guy in the bullpen..

but then what? Santana will be gone. Dickey might be gone, or not be as great as hitters catch up to his tricks... Wright might be gone. Davis will be solid, I grant you that. Tejada might be a nice hitter but not an impact player..

As always you can't rely on just the farm. They need free agent signings too.