Friday, March 23, 2012

A Great Day for Mets Fans, Chipper Jones to Retire

The best news of spring training came not in the form of a doctor's report or financial statement. It came from Atlanta, Georgia. Larry Jones will be playing his last season in the major leagues.

Mets fans everywhere should rejoice. Take your loved one out to dinner. Toast to Chipper. Be thankful that 365 days from now, Larry Jones cannot harm you.

Chipper Jones has been a thorn in the Mets side since the day he came into the big leagues. No one has performed better against an opponent than Chipper Jones has against the Mets. I swear he's hit more home runs at Shea than most Mets players and he holds the record for most long balls in history against the Mets.

I bet he could come up to bat with a walker and swing with a broomstick and still be able to hurt the Mets in some way. He tops my "hit in the head list" (a list of players the Mets should never pitch to regardless of the situation, just hit them in the head and move on to the next guy) and is one of the greatest players of my generation.

He's arguably the greatest, all-around Atlanta Brave player in history with his combination of power, fielding prowess, ability to hit for average and leadership qualities.

To sum up, I hate Chipper Jones, but I certainly respect him.

Mets pitchers should be sending him flowers and chocolates to commemorate the occasion. I plan to cheer Chipper in his final at bat because I'll be filled with joy to see him go.

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