Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Can the Mets Walk the Walk?

Talking is easy. Just look at Ochocinco & TO. They run their mouths like there's no tomorrow, but when it comes to backing up that talk on the field...well that's a different story.

The Mets are saying all the right things and frankly we should expect them to. Terry Collins is fired up. David Wright is showing frustration and a resolve to win. Any player who is interviewed is talking about how the Mets are better than people give them credit for.

The problem is talk is cheap. It's not until April rolls around and the games are played that we find out whether it's hot air or some substance behind these words. The Mets have to know that they need a huge April in order to keep the fan base interested and the seats at Citi Field occupied past May.

I don't mind the confidence talk, but what I would rather hear about is how has Murphy improved at second base? What are the chances that Lucas Duda can hit consistently? What on earth is happening in center field this season? Is Johan Santana going to be Johan Santana? Has Pelfrey seen a shrink?

Those are the conversations I want to hear and I'm sure by the time St. Patrick's Day rolls around I'll have a new set of questions I need answers to.

Honestly, I think the Mets will be better offensively than the critics think. With the fences adjusted, there's the potential that Wright, Bay, Davis, Duda and Murphy can all hit in the 15-20 home run range which would be a home run total not seen in Queens since the days of Strawberry and McReynolds.

The big question will be pitching. And we all know pitching has been the Mets doom for the better part of a decade. BLOWpen, fragmented starting rotation, neurotic pitchers and injuries have plagued the Mets and there's little hope for improvement this year.

But for now the talk of hope and "we shall overcome" rules the airwaves. Reality won't settle in until the end of March. For now we live in the dream that the talk coming from the New York Mets can be backed up by their play on the field. Sweet dreams.


EBMetFan said...

As I see it, the Mets have a problem that no other team has. They share a city with the Yankees and a division with the Phillies. Two highly, recently successful organizations. And with the Mets current financial situation, how do they compete? The answer is they don't and can't.

I am a glass half full Mets fan. I know I am a rarity, but I would like to see Mr. Alderson be patient, build the team from within. Not build the team through free agency, but with smart trades. As we were recently reminded, Keith Hernandez and Gary Carter were obtained via trades. Also, the Yankees touted Core Four were home grown. I am not suggesting that anyone on the Mets roster will become Derek Jeter, but how do you there isn't one in the farm system?

David Marine said...

Thanks for the comment EBMetfan. I too would like to see the team grow from within but patience is the key. There are a lot of young arms the Mets are waiting on to see if they turn out. The one issue I have is the Mets of late haven't been great in turning great prospects in major leaguers (i.e. Lasting Milledge, FMart, etc.).

I'm hoping things won't be as bad as they seem.