Monday, November 29, 2010

Art Howe, Part Deux

I was on vacation when the Mets hired Terry Collins as their manager and honestly I was already knee deep in pumpkin and pecan pie that I didn't really form an opinion. I was just happy the decision was made and we can focus on acquiring talent to improve the team.

But now that it's Monday and the tryptophan has worn off, I've now come to the conclusion that we are returning to the Art Howe era of Mets managers. I read Brad Bortone's post this morning over at Bugs and Cranks and have yet again found that his reaction matches my own. You know...great minds....

The one thing Collins has is some sort of talent at his disposal in Wright, a potentially healthy Reyes, a contract year Beltran and up & coming Ike Davis. Talent was pretty lacking during most of Howe's existence in New York. There was something about Howe that made you feel he just despised New York that made you want to hate him even more. I don't get that feeling with Collins, but I've yet to hear him say more than a sound byte.

What the Collins hiring does is buy Alderson some time. Hiring a Backman or Valentine would have forced Alderson to win sooner than later. Those managers would have put up a stink if they weren't given the tools to make statement sooner than later. Collins however is just happy to be out from under the rock in which he was hiding since 1999.

I should give Collins the benefit of the doubt. Let him actually manage a few weeks or months before passing judgement. But Mets fans are way past the charitable stage of our existence. Alderson better make some player moves to instill some confidence and interest because he missed the boat with the manager. If the Mets do nothing but sign some bargain basket players, Alderson may have to answer to the Wilpons for the empty seats on opening day and another dimly lit August and September in Flushing.

But maybe Alderson is the genius everyone says he is? Maybe...