Friday, January 22, 2010

Mets Should Avoid John Smoltz Like the Plague

If we don't pay attention to history, we're bound to repeat it. That's what some smart person said a while ago and has been repeated to us hundreds of times in our lives. But now is the first time that I finally realize what it means.

According to Newsday's Ken Davidoff, the Mets main targets are Ben Sheets and John Smoltz.

No, I say. Stay away from Smoltz. Have we learned nothing from the Tom Glavine experiment? Or Julio Franco? All Braves players from the late 90's to early 2000's are pure Kryptonite. They're a plague. A curse. A voodoo spell on New York baseball. Nothing good can come from having them on the Mets.

Ignore my paranoia and just look at Smoltz's numbers since leaving the Braves. They're atrocious.His spell with Red Sox fell flat and his minimal time with the Cardinals was beyond disappointing.

Plus Smoltz is getting up there in age and is more prone to injury than what he once was. I don't see any value in adding Smoltz to the back of the bullpen. But that obviously doesn't sway the brilliant minds in the Mets front office.

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bryan said...

While we're at it, why not bring Greg Maddux out of retirement!