Friday, September 10, 2010

Mets Gazette: A Five Step Plan 2011

An interesting post from Mets Gazette on what they think the Mets need to do for the 2011 campaign. I'm torn with a number of their points though.

I agree the Mets should add a #2 starter and if that means trading Pelfrey to do so, I'm ok with that. I also agree that the Mets should hold onto Beltran for the final year of his contract. You know how contract years can impact a player's performance.

What I don't agree with is starting Pagan in right field. Unless Beltran magically heals, he doesn't have the closing speed he once did. Center is Pagan's position to have and I'd move Beltran to right. I'm also not sold on the concept of platooning Tejada and Murphy at second. Because I feel bad for the guy, I'd like to give Murphy a shot to prove himself and unless Tejada shows me he can hit above .200 the last thing the Mets need is another automatic out in the lineup.

Check out the full list and the nice write up on Mets Gazette at the link below:
Mets Gazette: A Five Step Plan For Success In 2011